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The Webtechnics.Net Approach


Webtechnics.net is big on small business. We believe in giving YOU the same level of planning and control that is expected by medium-sized businesses and larger corporations. Everyone of our project is fulfilled by our unique incremental approach: we present you with a full plan of your site from the start, keeps you updated regularly throughout the creation process, and allows you to actively make changes to your site at all times.
An order is started by determining the ambiance and functionality of your website. We help you decide who your users are and how you want them to interact with your page. After assessing your website as a whole, we divide the process into easily measurable steps. This way you can ensure that your project is being completed at the necessary pace, under budget, and in the exact way that you want it to be done. Any changes that need to be made are made early on.
Every project is unique, but generally all projects are centered on these three steps. First, to allow you to visualize the final project from the start, our first milestone is the design of 3 or more pages of your final site. After receiving your approval and making any necessary changes, we start on stage two – turning your design into code.
After your site is converted into code, we present you the html versions of your webpage, which gives you a preview of your site in it’s entirety before approving the final stage of programming. During programming, we connect all of the pages of your site together to make the finished versions of your site.
Webtechnics.net believes in small business, and we believe in work immaculately done. For this reason, we give you the most amount of control over creative design, schedule and budgeting, because we believe the only person who knows what you need better then us is you.